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Welcome to Sole Creatures

About Us

About Us

Sole Creatures is a dynamic range of footwear, for both kids and adults, themed around animals. Each style has a unique design, is super comfy, of high quality, durable and fun. Biomimicry Technology is used to capture specific animals' characteristics in the product and it leaves a real animal print in the sand when you walk. They also leave a mark on the world because they help conserve endangered animals. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the range will go to organizations that make it their priority to protect the species that the range represents. Funds are to be administered by the Creatures Trust which is based on thorough vetting and an open management process.

Sole Creatures is crazy about the environment!

We will not rest until every species of plant and animal is protected so that our children and our children’s, children’s children can enjoy the sights and sounds of animals in the wild. Sole Creatures is about passion and fun, while being aware of the reality that many species face extinction and our mission is to work with you to save them.
Sole Creatures are made for comfort and durability. The designs are rugged, authentic and made for the outdoors. Where possible we use environmentally friendly materials. The materials chosen act as shock absorbers for added comfort and the natural rubber enhances the grip and durability of our shoes. Each style is manufactured to be naturally form-fitting, opting for quality and comfort as opposed to something cheap and nasty.

Sole Creatures designer footwear is saving endangered animals, one step at a time.


The Big Bang

Sole Creatures is the brain child of Gary Flax, an avid and passionate conservationist. Using his skills as a designer, renowned innovator and entrepreneur, he wanted to create shoes that we can all relate to, and enjoy. They had to look good, be extra comfy and go the extra mile. And not only do they leave an animal print in the sand when you walk, they also leave a mark on the world because they help to conserve endangered animals.

The Designers

Sole Creatures commissioned the industrial design students from the Cape Peninsular University in Cape Town, South Africa to come up with preliminary ideas and drawings. The best designs were then chosen along with four individuals to begin the development of Sole Creatures.

Then leading professional designers and creative specialists, who have already done internationally acclaimed work, brought the designs to life.

Going to the ends of the earth

Sole Creatures has a unique approach to the design and manufacture of its products. The shoes are made using cutting-edge new technologically and advanced development processes over seen by an orthopedic surgeon and outdoor shoe specialist.

With a functional inner frame for added support and soft inner sole, Sole Creatures are made for comfort and durability. Using safe, naturally antibacterial materials the range is a revolution in shoe design. The real rubber under sole prevents slipping and can withstand even the sharpest acacia thorn when walking in the bush.

The Creatures Trust

The range forms the basis for an endangered animal foundation called the Creatures Trust that focuses on helping to support and initiate conservation efforts around the world. Each charity selected will be vetted and must meet stringent criteria to ensure that funds are used effectively.


  • EWT (Endangered Wildlife Trust)

 As one of South Africa’s leading biodiversity conservation organisations, the EWT is striving to facilitate the protection and sustainable use of key ecosystems. The EWT has a cohesive and integrated approach to the conservation of species, habitats and ecosystem processes and we therefore focus much of our work on protecting both threatened species and habitats. Successful conservation thus means protecting the habitats that support species – and human beings – and in this way entire ecosystems, communities and socio-economic structures reap the benefits.

The EWT believes that sustainable conservation requires inclusive approaches, to not only address biodiversity objectives, but also the interests of the people and industries relying on the ecosystems services. This we do by developing innovative and adaptive conservation and management solutions, aligned and compatible with the broader economic and social imperatives of the region.

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